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7 Reasons for Someone Reluctant to LDR (Long Distance Relationship), You Need to Know

Not many couples are able to undergo long-distance relationships. Although there are some who can get married, there are still many who experience obstacles when dating LDR.

There are some people who don't want to go through long distance relationships. Every Couple usually has good reasons why long distance relationships occupy the last choice or even they won't take it at all. The following is the reason someone is reluctant to LDR, okay just go ahead:

1. LDR is only for those who trust each other. If you are not a partner who trust each other you should not!

Reasons for Someone Reluctant to LDR
Besides communication, one of the pillars supporting the LDR link is mutual trust. Just imagine. Like building a house but the architecture only communicates via email or Whatsapp. Occasionally use a video call, and even then if there is time. Well because together building relationships from a distance, mutual trust is finally necessary.

2. Don't LDR if you are someone who always wants with your partner

Reasons for Someone Reluctant to LDR
Communication technology is increasingly new. Especially since there have been social media that are able to bring people closer together. It feels like having LDR is no longer a problem. But even though it's as sophisticated as this, you still adhere to the principle of living relationships in the past. Your girlfriend is dating, you have to be able to meet each other.

3. You are among those who need touch. Long distance relationships are definitely not for you

Reasons for Someone Reluctant to LDR
Everyone has other characteristics. Well, if you are the type of person who always needs a touch from your partner, long distance relationships are not the best choice.

4. Because you often fail to have close relationships, you don't have the courage to try LDR.

Reasons for Someone Reluctant to LDR
If you count again, you have had a relationship several times. Everyone is dating close, but still fails. Reflecting on the experience failing to keep up this relationship, you feel there is no courage to prove a long distance relationship.

5. You are also not ready to face the obstacles of long distance relations that he says are very heavy

Reasons for Someone Reluctant to LDR
Many of your friends first feel the long distance relationship. Then they told me that the LDR relations that they lived in had many obstacles. Some end up bored, because of third people and other problems. But for you going out with a distance like this clearly has greater risks and obstacles. Mentally you are clearly not ready. In terms of commitment and mutual trust?

6. In principle, the distance that is there is precisely for vulnerable relationships. If you can get close, why should you have a long distance relationship?

Reasons for Someone Reluctant to LDR
Other people may agree that sometimes the distance must be in a relationship, but not for you. You have the principle that distance makes relationships more vulnerable. For every problem that must be resolved quickly by meeting, must be able to wait. Even with a message or phone call, obviously it won't be able to finish as quickly as face to face. Especially if the problem is big and concerns continuity of the relationship.

7. Long Distance Relationship is very harmful

Reasons for Someone Reluctant to LDR
You will be left out because of your longing for your partner. besides that the LDR is very prone to be disturbed by third people and infidelity. These creepy things are finally for you to choose to retreat regularly every time someone tries to knock on the door of the heart but with a note that it must LDR.

For those of you who don't want to go through long distance relationships, hopefully you can always be with your partner. So the distance and time you have been afraid of all this time can't take the opportunity to tear down your relationship slowly.

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