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6 Mistakes You Must Avoid When Washing Your Hair

Washing Your Hair
Curious why does your hair always look smooth and beautiful every time you leave the salon? That's because beauty experts know very well how to handle hair properly and correctly. Washing and caring for hair is not arbitrary, because if it is not done properly, the natural moisture of the hair will disappear and make hair damaged and less beautiful. Well, to keep your hair healthy, along with mistakes in washing your hair that you need to avoid.

Wash your hair too often

Washing your hair too often won't make it beautiful but it will damage the hair and make it dry. Ideally, wash your hair two to three times a week. By doing so, the natural oils of the hair remain and the moisture of the hair maintained.

Wash with warm water

Although warm water provides a pleasant relaxing effect, but to wash your hair, you should avoid using it. Why? Because warm water can make moisture loose hair. So, you should wash your hair with cold water which can keep up the natural moisture of the hair.

Too hard to message your head

Too hard to massage the head when washing hair not only makes the hair damaged, but will make hair fall out quickly. so treat the scalp gently. Don't use pressure that is too strong.

Shampoo is not suitable and is not suitable

Using shampoo that suits your hair type is one way you can do it to keep your hair healthy. If you have an oily scalp, use a mild clarifying shampoo without any additional moisturizer. However, if your hair is dry and rough, use a brand of hydrating or moisturizing shampoo, so that your hair can be smooth and soft again.

Use of conditioner

Unlike use of shampoo that you can immediately rinse, the use of conditioner takes a little longer. Let the conditioner stand for three to five minutes so that it can seep in perfectly and work effectively. That way the conditioner will give most results.

Don't use hair vitamins

In order for fine, soft and beautiful hair, just using shampoo and conditioner is not enough. Always use hair vitamins every time you wash your hair so that the hair still gets nutrients and don't forget to use a heat protector when it comes to styling your hair to protect it from the heat of the hairdresser.

So, stop making mistakes above and wash your hair properly and correctly.

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