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5 Tips You Must Watch Before Cutting Hair

Before Cutting Hair
There are many ways you can do to get a fresh and interesting new appearance. One of them is by cutting hair. However, unfortunately many people immediately cut hair without considering factors such as face shape and hair type.

Finally, many feel that their haircut has failed because they did not pay attention to it. Well, so you don't cut it wrong and feel sorry, here are tips that you must pay attention to before cutting hair.

Pay attention to the shape of the face

One of the most important things to consider when cutting hair is the shape of your face. When the haircut is not appropriate, the appearance is guaranteed be less attractive. Like for example, if you have a round face, maybe you want to avoid a haircut that is too short because it will make your face look fatter. For that, make sure you always adjust the haircut with the face shape.

Adjust the hair texture

The texture and type of hair will also affect the results of your haircut. If you have curly hair that expands, don't cut your hair too short if you don't want to look frizz. Conversely, if your hair is thin and straight, don't leave your hair too long because it will look limp.

See reference

Then this one is no less important. Let your haircut not be the same, it's a good idea to look for references or desired hairstyles before cutting.

Consult with a beauty expert

If you have got the desired reference or hairstyle, try asking a beauty expert whether the pieces match you. There is nothing wrong with that, too, you asked him what pieces were right for you. So, don't be lazy to ask or give advice when he cuts your hair.

Always take care of haircuts

if you have got a new haircut, make sure you arrange and care for it well so that your appearance still looks okay. Usually, new hair will look good when treated properly so that new hair is not easily damaged.

Everyone always wants to have good hair to look beautiful, so, those are tips you need to pay attention to before cutting hair.

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